Setup and Configure Asus Router, Login to Setup Screen | New or Old Router

It is easy to connect with any Wireless internet router and browse the unique features online. Asus Router Login is required to set up the router configuration to get connected to the internet using Asus routers. Follow the article to find the step by step explanation to login to the new Asus router or reset and reconnect the existing router again.

Asus Router Login

Asus Routers

Asus is the leading technology innovation company that deals with manufacturing of hardware in different fields. Among the many products, Asus Router is another device that is used to get connected with internet and create Wireless internet zone. Asus has around thirty different models for their internet routers. The routers from this company are supported with new DD-WRT supports which makes ASUS RT-N16 the best router available.

Using the unique LINUX interface for coding and open source applications, Asus has made their routers one of the best product for home and professional usages. Since Asus offers the same user interface for all of the listed routers, it is easy to configure and setup any Asus router using the common steps. Asus Routers comes with Broadcom chipsets combined with fast Intel processors. All the different models of Asus Routers are equipped with multi-antennae and connectivity options like USB / ethernet ports. Routers from Asus are supports the following main features:

  • DD-WRT
  • OpenWrt
  • Tomato Firmware
  • DebWRT

Asus Router Models

Asus ASUS-RT-AC58U Router Asus RT-N14UHP Router Asus AT-1900 Router
Asus RT-AC68U Router Asus RT AC53 Router Asus RT-N12 Router
Asus RT-AC5300 Router Asus RT-AC86U Router Asus RT-N66U Router
Asus WL-300g Router Asus RT-AC55UHP Router Asus WL-500G Router
Asus AC58U AC Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router Router Asus 300 MBPS RT-N15U SuperSpeedN Gigabit Wireless Router Asus RT-AC68U Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router

These are a few examples of the best Asus routers available. The method that is used for Asus Router Login is the same for all the above-listed models. The same method can be used to login for other Asus routers or routers from different companies also.

Asus router IP

The default IP for Asus Router is as same as for other routers. Since the default IP that takes the user to router configuration page is designated by operating systems universally. The Ip for Asus Router or any other router Would be as stated below.

Asus Router IP

Asus Router Default Password / User ID

The default User ID and Password for routers can vary from brand to brand. Since there are many different routers available in the market, by default the user id and password are the same for all the routers depending on the manufacturer. However, by default, User ID and Passwords in all the routers from ASUS are the same. You can find the Asus router default password and user ID below.

Asus Router Default User ID admin
Asus Router Default Password password

Asus Router Login

Asus router needs only a one-time setup. But when the user reinstalls the Windows, create a new admin account, reset the router or buy a new Router; Asus Router Login is required in order to configure the router with internet provider settings. When user login to the Asus router, they need a verified username and Asus router default password to gain access to control panel of the router. Since the method to login into the Asus router control panel is the same as of different routers available.

NOTE: These are the steps to login and configure any internet router.

Follow the steps below to gain login access:

Default Asus Router Login

Use these steps for Asus Router Login:

  1. Connect the router with PC using the ethernet cable. In the case of Asus wireless router login connection simply connect to ‘ASUS’ network showing in ‘My Connections’ of Windows. connecting asus router with ethernet cable
  2. Open Internet Browser on the computer.
  3. Now type Asus router IP address, (generally it is in search bar of internet browser and hit ‘Enter’.Router default IP address
  4. After getting redirected to the Asus Router Configuration screen asking USER ID and Password, enter the credentials.
  5. By default, the User ID is ‘admin‘ and Password is ‘password‘ for Asus wireless routers. Enter in the provided space and click ‘Login’.Asus router login screen for admin
  6. You are now in the admin config panel of Asus Router or any other router.

What is Akamai NetSession?

The default password is set by the manufacturer to connect for the first time. If it has been configured earlier and login credentials are not working, then another option is to reset the router and follow the steps again. Misconfiguration in a router can cause Service Host: Superfetch to cause high CPU usage as it breaks the Internet connectivity.

Asus Router Setup (New/Reset Router)

When any router is reset using the button, the router acts as a new router because all the cache, cookies and setting get cleared by default. Therefore in such cases, the method is the same for connecting the router with a PC. User can connect to Asus router account using the default credentials.

Credentials By Default,
Asus router IP:
User Name: admin
PAssword: password

Follow the steps below to configure new or reset Asus router login page:

  1. Open and connect the new router with power. If using an old router, simply click on the reset button on the router and wait for a minute to process.
  2. Connect the router using an ethernet cable with PC.
  3. In order to connect router wirelessly, search for the network connections and connect with network names ‘ASUS’.
  4. Now open Internet Explorer or any other internet browser of your choice.
  5. Type the default ASUS router login IP mentioned above and hit enter. Then type the default username and password to click on login. (Both new and old reset router have the same user ID and passwords)
  6. Once on the admin page, the router will self detect internet connection and its settings.
  7. Modify the DHCP, PPPoE, Static IP, and User details according to the internet service provider details and press ‘Save Changes’.
  8. Restart the Router and router in now online.

Summing Up:

Please make sure that after completing all the steps for ASUS router login, you have restarted the router to get changes configured. When a new router is installed or an old one is reset, User needs to configure the settings of the network according to the service provider. Therefore all the settings can be configured using the router login using the default user id and password. Since any electrical device that is reset to default acts like a new one, the Asus router also follows the same.

However, if a user still can’t login to Asus router then there must be some another technical error causing problems. Comment in the section below to seek help from our team.

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