Avast Safezone Browser – Is It Worthy To Use In 2019 | Review & Free Download

The 21st century is full of technological innovations. The population now depends on the internet and technology in regular lives. Using Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, etc, now helps to make life easier. Since connecting with the internet is done with the browser, it has always been the question that which is the best internet browser among many. Avast Safezone Browser is taking places on PC, as it has been declared as the most secure and trusted browser present.

Avast Safezone Browser Review

Here is the complete review on Avast Safezone along with its comparison to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers. There are many different browsers present, but you may have heard about Avast Safezone browser. This is called to be the best most secure browser as it has been developed by Avast Corporation.

Avast Safezone Browser delivers the secured browsing environments and protection from any threats that may harm the computer. It is available for free to download and can be installed easily on Computer. This Browser does not need any payment before installing. Usually, it comes with any avast protection program, but it can be downloaded separately over here.

Avast Safezone Browser Review – By XplodeTech

What is Avast SafeZone Browser?

Based on Chromium Engine, Avast Safezone browser is the predecessor of Avast Secure Browser. Avast Safezone is developed by Avast Corporation for secure browsing over the internet. It ensures the safety and privacy of the user while surfing on the internet. Safezone Browser is connected to Avast Servers and is capable to stop any vulnerable threat attacking computer.

After development and testing, Avast released it browser firstly in March 2015. It has been gaining popularity ever since. A major update that was released in Nov of 2018 for Avast Safezone browser and naming it as Avast Secure Browser.

Initially, when the browser was referred with ‘SafeZone’, it was the paid browser to use complete features. But after a while, Avast allowed it to be shared for free. Due to its security features and usability, it has been gaining popularity ever since. Download Avast Safezone browser for free from the link listed at the bottom of the post.

What Are the Key Features Of Safezone Browser?

Safezone browser is making its way to be in the user’s choice list. With secure and variety of features, Avast Safezone has become the best browser for internet surfing in 2019. The features that appear in the avast system tray are completely simple to use. User can add or remove the tools according to usability. Safezone Browser offers some of the unique features that are available only in this browser.

Features that make Avast Safezone different from traditional browsers are:

1. Integrated Video Downloader

Conventionally, the Download manager is used to downloading videos from the internet. But now with Avast Safezone, user can simply download the videos from websites like youtube, Vimeo, etc. The options to select the resolution and size of the video to be downloaded adds up more ease to the browsing and downloading.

2. Integrated with Antivirus

As Avast Safezone Browser is the product of Avast Corporation, it comes integrated with the antivirus database. Now browsing is never more secure when you are using the Avast browser. While surfing on the internet, whenever any spam or phishing attack rises, browser checks for the threats on the avast database online.

Doesn’t matter which antivirus is installed over the computer, Safezone can block any threat using the wide avast database available online to check for threats. Thus there is no need for any antivirus or separate protection shield like anti-malware to protect PC while surfing online.

3. Flash Blocker

It is another feature that is only present in Avast Safezone Browser. It helps to make a more secure browsing environment by disabling any popups or flash in the browsers. Disabling the flash player makes the browser faster and also saves it from any possible phishing attacks.

4. Stealth Mode

Avast Browser comes with the stealth mode which helps the user to browse for the internet without leaving any footprints. Avast Stealth Mode is basically the replacement of Incognito or Private Mode from Different browsers. It can be launched from the options icon in the right panel of the browser.

5. Bank Mode

Avast Bank Mode is another feature in the Safezone browser that helps to protect the user from threats while using a payment gateway or internet banking. It supports the browser by:

  • Helps to detect the lost or hijacked network.
  • Preventing keyloggers to secure online passwords and PIN.
  • Detects the false positive network capturing.

Bank Mode is the tool that comes embedded into the browser and also can be installed as a plugin on other browser platforms. It gets activated automatically whenever the user is using any payment gateway or online banking.

6. Avast Password Manager

The password manager is simply taken from google chrome. It helps to create and save passwords for the user. Avast Password manager helps in saving the passwords in encrypted language. It also gives suggestions for generating a more secured new password.

7. Anti Tracking

Another mind-boggling feature is the Anti Tracking mode in Avast Safezone Browser. It simply disables the geotagging feature, thus you are browsing with safe and sound browsing.  This feature is not available in google chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Anti Tracking mode is activated by default in Safezone Browser.

8. Adblocker

Since advertisements can be irritative often, Safezone browser comes with integrated adblocker. Now whatever website you are surfing, all the ads will be eliminated from the webpage automatically. User can change the settings like adding a website, creating exceptions or whitelist. Adblocker helps to prevent flash and popup ads that can be irritative and annoying.

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Performance Test Results for Avast Safezone Browser

We have compared in depth the difference between the performance of Avast Safezone with other remarkably strong and famous browsers. The results are based on personal experience and long term of daily usage of all the browsers. The comparison has been made by real-time user experiences and reviews for safezone browser.

Speed Test

It is surprising that the speed of the safezone browser is similar as compared with chrome and Mozilla browsers. Considering such security features, Avast was expected to be the slower browser, but it has managed to maintain the same speed as that of its competitors.


Comparing many different conditions, it was easy to use safezone browser. The user interface for the browser is the same as that of google chrome. This is because of the reason, avast browsers are also based on chromium engine with improved stability. The style and speed of page loading are always the same and secure. The real-time environment of the browser is as equal as chrome in term of speed.


The loading speed of any webpage is depended upon the type of website and the elements it possesses. Depending on the media, flash files and advertisement, the speed of any browser may vary. Avast browser leads the speed and workability as it simply blocks all the advertisements or unwanted commercials. Here integrated adblocker plays a vital role in increasing the speed of the website and browsing.

Flash Files and Commercials Blocker

It is another reason that improves the speed of Avast safezone browser as compared to other available in the competition. The browser comes integrated with a blocker that disables all the flash and video commercial files. This speeds up the browsing in the safezone browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla are soon planning to add up these features too.

Secure Pay Mode

It is the main innovative feature from Avast Enterprises. Avast Bank Mode is an incredible and secure tool to conduct safe online transactions. Bank Mode creates an encrypted environment that is completely isolated for any leaks. Thus there is no possibility of phishing or spam attack during accessing online banking or payment gateways.

Download And Install Avast SafeZone Browser

Avast Safezone browser is now available with the name of Avast Secure Browser on official Avast Website. Since Safezone browser is not available for download on the internet. But the user can download Safezone browser here, simply click on the link below. Follow the steps below to download and install the avast safezone browser for free.

  1. Go to the official Avast Website and search for Safezone Browser in the products option.
  2. Now download the .zip installer to your computer.
  3. After the download completes, simply install the browser and restart your PC
  4. Users can also download Avast SafeZone Browser from the link below and follow steps 1-3 again.
  5. Avast Safezone Browser also comes free with all versions of Avast Antivirus.

Avast SafeZone Browser – Download Now

Disable Safezone Browser With Avast Antivirus

On installing Avast Antivirus, Safezone Browser gets installed automatically. To avoid the installation process, the user needs to block the auto installation of Safezone Browser. Follow the steps to stop the browser to get installed automatically.

Free Tols With Avast Antivirus Setup

  1. When Installing the Antivirus, Click on Customize Option on the first screen on installation.
  2. A page will open that displays the list of additional components that gets installed along with the product.
  3. Uncheck the Avast Secure Browser or Avast Safezone Browser, whichever appears depending on the version of Antivirus.
  4. If any other component is not required like Avast Bank Mode, Secure line or Mail Shield then they can be unchecked here.

Using this method, the user can simply stop Avast Safezone from installing on PC automatically. However, if you have accidentally installed the browser, then it can be removed Step listed ahead.

Remove SafeZone Browser After Auto Installation

If you have accidentally installed avast safezone over your computer along with Antivirus, then you can simply remove the browser following the steps below.

  1. Go to Control Panel of your Windows,
  2. In the Control Panel, Click on the Home option and select Uninstall a Program Option,Avast License Expiry screen for Safezone Browser
  3. Find the Avast Antivirus in the list following and click on Change / Uninstall,
  4. Click on the Change followed by Avast Entry Option located on the top corner,List of free tool embeded with Avast Safezone
  5. A page will open with three option Update, Repair, and Change. All you have to do is select the change option.
  6. Now in the new Windows, Look for the Avast Safezone Browser Option in the list of tools. Uncheck the box on the desired tool that needs to be removed,
  7. Click on Save Changes followed by OK.Click on Uninstall to completely remove Avast Safezone Browser
  8. When you receive a message saying “The product was updated Successfully”, Simply restart Your Computer.

Update Avast Safezone Browser

Avast designed SafeZone Browser in order to make online banking more secure and sound. It helped the users to be protected from any kind of spams or threats. Additional features like video downloader, bank mode, stealth mode, also made Safezone browser one of the premium browsers in its league.

Since Avast has launched the newer version of its browser termed as Secure Browser, the user seeks to update to the latest version and become more secure. Moreover, Updating the browser is also important because an outdated version can create issues with usability, threat detection, and spam protection. Since Avast Safezone Browser can easily fix the issues with bugs and errors, it is advisable to continue the version with necessary updates.

Why Avast Safezone Needs to be Updated?

Updating the software keeps it up to date for all the recent threats and spam. Similarly updating avast safezone browser can help in the following ways,

  • Integrated Adblocker with the latest version, this can help you to skip unwanted adds.
  • Protection against spam, virus, malware becomes more strong.
  • Built-In video downloader helps to simply download the videos from your favorite list of sites like youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Helps to stop Phishing and Identity Theft.
  • An updated version of Avast Bank Mode makes a more friendly environment.

Follow the steps below to update Avast Safezone Browser:

  1. Open Safezone browser and click on the Menu option,
  2. Go to Settings and select Update Option listed in the left corner of Windows,
  3. Check for the version and release date of Avast Antivirus,
  4. Check for the notification, If the notification states that “A newer Version is Available”, then simply click on the option. If the latest version is already installed, then there would be no notification.
  5. Now click on the update button, and your browser will start getting updated automatically.

User can also download the executable file for the latest version of the avast safezone browser. The file can be installed manually and by this way, user can simply download Safezone Browser without Avast Antivirus also.

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Steps to Import Bookmarks Into SafeZone Browser

After choosing the avast browser, it is advisable to import the bookmarks to freshly installed Sefezone Browser. Importing bookmarks will make your browsing experience more simple. To import bookmarks, follow the steps below;

  1. Click and Open “Avast Safezone Browser” Icon from your desktop.
  2. On the right top corner, there are three dots in a line. Click on the dots.
  3. Now select Bookmarks, then click on import,
  4. Select Google Chrome from the dropdown list, Or any other browser.
  5. Click on Ok to successfully import the bookmarks from any browser.

Manage Avast Bank Mode

It is easy to manage Avast Bank Mode easily using a simple switch button. The shortcut to switch on the bank mode is tagged up in the dashboard of the Avast safezone browser. Follow the steps below to manage avast bank mode;

Transections showing safe in avast bankmode

  • Tap on the “Switchback” button as shown in the figure.Avast Bank Mode initiation
  • Now locate the Bank Mode button colored in yellow and available in the bottom right corner of your avast screen. This button can turn on and off the virtual pay mode.Enable BAnk Mode Tab in Avast Browsers
  • Tow turn Off the Bank Mode, Tap on the red ‘Power’ button which you can see in the bottom right corner of the Bank Mode virtual desktop. Click on “Yes” on the Avast information dialog to confirm.Warning for bank mode in avast

Best Avast SafeZone Browser Alternatives

Avast Safezone is safe and secure browser available for Internet Browsing. Still, sometimes user seeks to use a different browser as per their choices. There are very few available browsers that are comparable with avast safezone. These are none other than the famous browsers. Following is the list of browsers that are considered to be used in alternative of Avast Browser.

Google Chrome

The most common and safe browser available is none other than google chrome browser. It can be used in multiple devices and can be synchronized with each other. User can access the same documents, email id, and favorites along with all their devices.

Google Chrome is based on chromium engine that helps in making understand the user behavior. Chrome detects the most liked and searched content over the internet by any user and helps to make better search results according to their behavior. The best thing about the Google Chrome browser is it supports all the platforms and offers you to keep your online activity private.

Mozilla FireFox

One of the most popular and old browsers of all the times, Mozilla FireFox is a good replacement for Safezone Browser. It has easy to use interface along with secure browsing. The ability to add up plugins according to the users choice. Thus there is no feature that cannot be added to the Firefox Browser.

Firefox browser is good in blocking any potentially harmful websites. Firefox seems to be more reliable as compared with google chrome as it does not allow websites to share your private information.

Apple Safari Browser

Safari browser is developed by Apple for internet browsing across any apple device. This is the by the default internet browser that is present in every Apple device and operating systems. Safari lets you tag your favorite sites, and even you can save your articles or parts of websites to read afterward.

Use Apple iMessage on PC

Safari Browser can be downloaded separately from the official Apple website or any other third party download. It is also a nice and secure browser as it works on encryption methods. Every data transfer with the Safari browser is firstly encrypted and then delivered or exchanged. However, the Safari browser doesn’t stop malicious downloads; therefore, you have to depend on Mac Antivirus program.

Microsoft EDGE

It is the successor of traditional Microsoft Internet Explorer that has always been used in Windows. Since with the change in time made internet explorer unpopular, Microsft roled out the completely updated version that has been calibrated according to the latest features and technologies available for browsers.


Q: How to make Avast Safezone as my default Browser?
You can simply make Avast Safezone as a default browser by following this path; Go to Avast Browser > Open Settings > Mark on > “Make Avast SafeZone my default browser”.

Q: What is the Location of Bookmarks in Browsers?
Switching to any new browser allows the user to share bookmarks to a new browser. It is easy to import bookmarks to safezone browser, but the user cannot export bookmarks from avast browser. However, random backup can be collected for bookmarks in Avast browser too.
Click on Bookmarks Icon > Now Open The Settings Tab > Click on Bookmarks Again. This will take the user to bookmarks file location.

Q: Is Avast Safe?
A: Avast Browser is completely safe and secure browser. It is equipped with tools that create a completely encrypted environment for PC. This it is safe to use Avast Safezone Browser. When using the browser in Windows 10, Then it is the safest browser that can easily protect you from malware and malicious activities.

Q: What Windows version is avast Browser compatible With?
A: Avast Browsers are completely compatible with all versions of Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7. It is also compatible with MAC Searra OS and later.

Q: Avast SafeZone Browser is not working?
Avast Browser not working indicates that it is now out of date. The browser needs an update. User can either update the browser or download the latest version and install once again. Installing new version does not delete bookmarks and favorites from browser.

Q: How to Repair Avast Browser?
A: G
o to Control Panel
> Add/Remove Programs
> Locate Avast SafeZone Browser
> Right-click on it and Select ‘Repair’
> Follow the instruction and Reboot.

Q: Troubleshoot for Bank Mode in Avast Safezone?
Follow the steps below to fix any error using the troubleshooter.
# Download or Upgrade to the latest version of Avast browser.
# Restart your System and clear cookies/cache.
# Reinstall the Avast Safezone Browser along with Avast Antivirus.


Since Avast Safezone Browser is new in the league, it is not so famous and available for download directly over the internet. The browser comes as a built-in tool with Avast Antivirus. Here is the direct download link to Safezone browser by which it can be downloaded easily without Avast Anti Virus. Avast proves to be the best and most secure browser on comparing with Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Let’s Look in the video and What Scott Curtiss has to say for Avast Browsers.

Avast Safezone aka Avast Secure browser is completely based on chromium engine, thus it comes with a variety of embedded features. These features provide better security to the user. Since the browser belongs to Avast Inc, it gets constant updates that make avast safezone more secured browser. Moreover, they need not leave security issues unpatched for too long after patches become available.

Hope this review is enough to make a good understanding of Avast Safezone Browser. Still, any problem persists, then please comment in the box below as we welcome all technical related queries.

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