How To Add Exceptions To Avast Whitelist? Add/Remove Programs Or Websites

The Pc that is protected with Avast, can sometimes experience a software, program or website blocking that has been caused by Avast Antivirus Shields. Avast Whitelist or Avast Exceptions is the tool that can be used to add exceptions to any sort of program or website. The forums state that when any link is unsafe and poses the threat of spamming of viruses, Avast Antivirus reports the links to false-positive reports, which in turn can block the concerned.

Usually, the reason for the block in programs or websites can be either failure in any hardware configuration, broken links or any threat detected. This feature can be found in almost all of the antivirus software’s however, in avast it comes standard with all the versions. Avast has a special tool to get rid of the problem by simply adding your favorite websites or software to Avast Whitelist.

Avast Whitelist / Exceptions

Whenever a user adds any exception to avast whitelist, Avast Antivirus simply bypasses it and allows the boot of software/website. This list is important to create as once an item is added to the avast whitelist it is always allowed from Avast and can be executed anytime without worrying for antivirus. Making an Avast Exception list is easy and can be created within seconds. Read the complete article to add an exception and whitelist any program in any version of Avast Antivirus.

How To Add Exceptions To Avast Whitelist?

Now you can simply add games, programs, or website of your choices by simply creating a new Avast Whitelist. All the items either it is any software or website, once added as an exception on Avast Whitelist, gets a permanent bypass from Avast Antivirus and you won’t be getting any notices of threat or warnings. Now not taking the more time, lets straight away discuss the about how to add exceptions to avast and create a Whitelist of programs.

NOTE: Please make sure that the program or website user is intended to add to Avast Whitelist / Exceptions is completely safe and trusted.

As you can see in the image above when the Firewall of your Avast blocks the website/program, the user gets the error message stating “Avast web shield has blocked access to this page”.

Types Of Avast Whitelist / Exceptions

There are three types of exception that can be created in Avast Whitelist:Avast Dashboard

  1. Global Exclusion For Programs; This is the program-specific Whitelist. Users can add their favorite games, custom software, torrent downloaders, etc.
  2. Global Exclusion For Websites; It is the list that has been designed to add exceptions to avast whitelist using the list of websites, specified URL, online media streaming webpages, etc.
  3. Specific Shield Exclusions; A specific and lest used list. It is the Avast exception list for making another antivirus, anti-malware, cookie cleaners, cache cleaners, etc types of protective shield to bypass Avast Antivirus False Positive list.

Now since you are friendly with the three types of Avast Exclusions, let’s discuss further upon how to whitelist in avast and create exceptions list. Avast Safezone Browser helps to avoid harmful spam attacks while surfing online

Add Avast Exceptions List For Programs

This is the list for creating avast exceptions for programs, files, folder, or any specific document/project available on PC that has been detected by Avast Antivirus as false positive. Avast Whitelist for the global exclusion of programs can help out the user to simply bypass any file present on the system from Antivirus Scan. Once added to the list, the specified target will no longer go through any scan over it. Avast Exclusions / Whitelist for ProgramsImage Source:

Follow the steps with which you can allow the program/file/folder etc:

  1. Go to the Avast Antivirus Dashboard,
  2. Click on the Settings Tab and go to the general settings,
  3. find the option named Exclusions in general settings,
  4. Now you will be asked to enter the path that you want to remove from the Antivirus scan.
  5. Enter the path of the file/folder/program that you want to add in you Avast Whitelist.
  6. This will now allow programs or website in your PC and will prevent it from scanning in Avast.

Add Avast Whitelist For Websites/URL

This is the second type of Avast Exceptions Whitelist that can be specifically used for internet browsing. While browsing on internet user can face block on many websites or URL. Even sometimes when the trusted websites are blocked by the antivirus shields, then the user needs to create a specified list of all the web URLs that you are seeking to browse without any blockage.Avast Exception List For WebsitesImage Source:

This list specifically allows the websites/URLs from falling in false-positive reports and getting blocked by Avast Antivirus scan. Follow the steps to simply add URLs to Avast Whitelist and create an exception from being scanned under antivirus shield.

How to Disable Avast Behavior Shield?

  1. Open the Avast dashboard and then click on the Settings option,
  2. In the general settings section, find the exclusions tab and click on it,
  3. Click on the URL section to add any website or specific URL.
  4. You can simply add multiple URLs by following one URL in each line
  5. Simply Enter the links and press enter for adding more To create complete Avast Whitelist.
  6. Confirm by clicking on the OK button.

Create Shield Specific Avast Whitelist / Exceptions

When Avast starts blocking any specific shield on the computer, shield specific Avast exceptions list shall be created. User can add any type of shield to their exceptions list. All the different shields like file shield, web shield or mail shield and games completely can be specifically excluded. Follow the steps to add shield specific avast whitelist;

Add Avast exclusions for Avast ShieldsImage Source:

  1. Click on the Avast icon on your desktop to open the avast dashboard.
  2. Now click on the Settings option.
  3. Find the Active Protection option in the general settings tab and click on it.
  4. Here select the shield name (web, game, file, mail) which you want to add in the exception list.
  5. Click on Customize Link option and add the shields that you want to ignore to be scanned by Avast Antivirus.
  6. Click on the Save Changes, and your Avast Exceptions for shield are created.

How to Restart Shields When Adding Avast Whitelist?

After creating Avast Whitelist or Exclusion list, it is important to restart the Avast Shields in order to Exclusion/Whitelist to take effect on the system. It is important to exclude the whitelist or exception list from the next scanning and run the items without interruption.

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Avast Showing Threat image Source:

To restart the shields you would need to follow these steps;

  1. Go to the system tray by clicking on Windows Option,
  2. Find the Avast Icon from the list and right-click on it,
  3. Select the Avast Shields Control option and wait for the new tab to open,
  4. Click on Disable option and now select Disable All Shields,
  5. Now click on OK and Save Changes
  6. Follow the path once again and enable all the shields.
  7. Now Simply restart your computer.

Report False-Positive Detection: Help Avast To Improve

Avast Whitelist for Shields

Here’s the tip, you can also make an avast false positive report to let the avast add the particular item to their standard Avast Whitelist and you among many other users do not face any trouble related to particular website/software being blocked instantly. This will help Avast on not blocking the trusted web applications in the future. Once you have been redirected to the report page on Avast servers, the user will be asked to fill-up the form along with some basic info on the error for any trusted link.

Report False-positive to AvastImage Source:

Fill the form and in additional info column paste the link of any other online antivirus which marked the file or program as clean already. All you have to do now is simply submit your report. Soon after you have submitted your report, Avast Technical support team will review your report in person and will add the potentially safe links to their Avast Exceptions.

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In this article, you have learned about the Avast Whitelist / Avast Exceptions list. You can follow the steps to add exceptions to avast whitelist listed above. You can now use any program or file freely as avast would no longer detect it as false positive. Please make sure to follow all the steps listed above to create a complete working avast whitelist.

Please make sure that before creating the avast exceptions, you cross-check the links or paths that you are trying to avast add exceptions. It is important to add up the safe and clean links to whitelist as the harmful links can harm your computer. It may compromise the security of your PC.

Hope this guide helped in creating the avast exceptions and now you no longer encounter any problem related to block list. Please help us to develop by asking for more and more queries. Comment in the box below or contact us in case of any technical error or its solution.

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