5 Methods To Use iMessage On PC | Apple Messages For PC

iMessage is basically a messenger tool that is used for text message exchange in iPhone and ipads. Earlier it was only used as an exchange medium for text messages, but now it has been updated to the latest technology where it is also used for media exchange too. We have here listed Five main methods to use iMessage on PC and they are completely free.

imessage on PC

Since iMessage is not available for MAC or Windows, users seek to use them with PC. Since other messenger tools like WhatsApp, BBM, FB Messenger, etc, can be used over PC, users seek to run iMessage App on PC too. Follow the steps below to start using iMessage.

Apple iMessage For PC

Apple iMessage is the tool that helps in media or text messages exchange just like any other messenger. Usually, messengers from other operating systems are capable to run with any PC simply by synchronizing with browser. Apple iMessage does not have that privilege, not even in MAC PC too. In order to run iMessage App for Windows or MAC PC, we have listed the main methods which can easily run your favorite messenger now in PC.

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Using IOS 12 or Above Emulator for PC

It is another method to connect imessage on PC. This is the easiest and suitable method for connecting iMessage for Windows 10 PC.  This method is also valid for Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 7 along with MAC Searra OS onwards. IOS Emulator creates the same environment as that of iPhone on PC. You can install any of the emulator available in the market that suits best. With the help of Ios Emulators, user can simply access iPhone in computer and use apple id to access iMessage. some of the most famous IOS Emulators are:

  • iPadian
  • APP.IO
  • SmartFace
  • Mobione Studio
  • iPhone simulator

Access iMessage History on PC

There are two things; one, the user needs to access and use iMessage on PC, second, user can simply achieve the history of imesseges on PC. By this method, the user can simply open the imessage data on their PC.

history for imessage for windows

By using any data recovery software, backup of all the messages and multimedia in iMessage App can be backed up in a file. User can run this file later without any hesitation or problem. These files are usually are in xls format so they can be open in any supported software. Since the data generated using the recovery software is achieved, the user cannot use iMessage app only can read the app.

Install iMessage On MAC

Using iPhone and MAC can give good interconnectivity and sharing options. But still, iMessages cannot be synced or connected with MAC. There is another which is not offered by Apple Inc and the user can connect iMessages on PC using this method for MAC only. Follow the steps to get iphone messages on pc,

imessage on MAC

  1. Check for the OS version of MAC you are using. It is recommended to use MAC OS version 10 or above to sync iMessage with MAC. If you pc is out of date, you need to update it ASAP.
  2. After the successful update, go to the App Store on MAC pc and install iMessages.
  3. Once you install iMessages on your Mac, you can open the app and inside that app, you need to fill your Apple ID which you are using in your iPhone.
  4. All the messages threads and other data will automatically get synced on your MacBook including multimedia messages as well.
  5. After all the data gets synced, you can easily access all the messages threads present in your iPhone in your PC.

iMessage on Android Devices

It is also a myth that iMessages cannot run in Android devices. Earlier when IOS was running with version 9, iMessages was not at all supported in the Android OS. However, after the release of IOS 10, Apple released iMessage to Google Play store also. iMessage online is available to download now for Android mobile devices. It is also another way to run the imessage on PC by simply using android emulator.


Android users need to register for a new apple id in order to run Imessages on Android or PC. With the help of Android Emulators, users can simply run iMessage for Windows PC too. This is the most effective and easy way. The Android version for iMessage also let the user sync with the one present in the iPhone.

Using Remote Desktop Services

This is the new method that is valid after the ios 12 update. This method is helpful for MAC users only. User can use apple imessage for pc by following the below-listed steps.

remote desktop services to connect imessage on pc

  1. Download and install Remote Desktop Extension in google chrome or firefox browser.
  2. Install and launch the extension from services.
  3. Open MAC and select on Remote Connection and enable it.
  4. Open the installer and follow onscreen instructions to finish the installation.
  5. After the computers are connected remotely, it is possible to use iMessage on pc using the remote desktop feature.


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