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Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry can suddenly cause high disk usage issues in Windows. This is the tool that runs in the background and is responsible for Windows Graphical computation. It is a Windows tool that can be found running in the taskbar by name of CompatTelRunner.exe. Usually, this tool causes a problem when it starts consuming high Disk usage.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Continue reading to know everything about Compatibility Telemetry and the causes for its high disk usage. Also, the solutions to get rid of telemetry from Windows permanently.

What is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a process by which Microsoft collects all the information about the processing and functioning of your computer. This information is further processed by Microsoft teams for creating updates to their Windows OS. It helps in gathering the information about bugs, crashes, and errors that occur in Windows.

Many forums and blogs suggest that Microsoft is using this tool to simply spy on its users. These pages also claim that it can steal any sensitive or private information from your PC. However, it is just something irrelevant as Microsoft is the world’s leading tech company and they do not need to do any such things for sure. Even Microsoft itself has declared in its User Agreement that this process is for improving user experience.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk can be eliminated by simply disabling the telemetry from Windows 10. User has complete right to stop sharing information from their PC. This will also stop the user details from being shared using Akamai Netsession Client.

Data Collection

The data that is shared by Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is completely secure for the users. This is encrypted data so there are no chances for data theft. The data that Microsoft collects for making Windows better and release updates are marked below.

  1. It shares the text and typing style of keyboard keys.
  2. Shares the details of Windows search and troubleshooter.
  3. The tool also shares the details of internet browsing.
  4. All the software that has been installed or uninstalled is shared with Microsoft to judge the usability of Windows.
  5. Collects the details for most frequently used items from your PC and share the frequency they are being used.
  6. The geographical location of users.
  7. Windows wallpapers and themes.
  8. Download History.
  9. Gaming Controller details – Using Xpadder

All the above-listed data gets stored on the computer and then it gets uploaded automatically when connected to the internet. This is the main reason behind the Microsoft compatibility telemetry disk usage in computer because when the files are uploaded it consumes CPU and internet usage.

It’s Uses

All the data that is collected by Microsoft compatibility telemetry is shared by Microsoft to improve the performance and usability of Windows 10. The data that is collected by them is used to analyze and roll out new Windows updates.

All the data collected by Microsoft Corporation is used to improve system security. The data also helps to improve the Windows defender along with reducing the Windows boot time. All the data shared proves to be helpful but the user can disable sharing data anytime. Disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry can save the user from sharing the information in the background.

Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Collecting the data from different sources in Windows and then sharing it with the servers causes Microsoft compatibility telemetry high CPU. But this can be eliminated if the user disables Microsoft compatibility telemetry from their end.

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Below are the main methods that can simply disable Telemetry from PC.

Disable from Task Manager (Temporary Solution)

This is the easiest and simple method to disable Windows Compatibility Telemetry temporarily from the PC. This can easily save the space on your computer and keeps out with any kind of information sharing with Microsoft. Follow the steps below to disable the function.

  1. Press ‘Windows Key + R’ to open the RUN tool,
  2. Type taskschd.msc and hit enter or click OK.
  3. It will open the Windows Task Scheduler. Click it to expand its view.
  4. A folder named Microsoft will open. Click it to expand it.
  5. You should be able to see a Windows folder now. Expand this folder as well.
  6. Locate ‘Application Experience folder’ and open it. It will open in new windows.
  7. Locate the task that is listed as Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser.
  8. Right click on it and disable it. This will turn off compatibility telemetry.
  9. Now simply restart your PC.

Disable Using Command Prompt

Below are the steps to disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry windows 10 using command prompt for windows. This is the basic method by which you can set command to disable Telemetry from Windows 10.

  1. Press ‘Windows key’ + ‘R’, to start ‘RUN’ function.
  2. After RUN tool opens, type cmd and hit enter,
  3. a new window will open, now press ctrl+shift+enter together.
  4. All you have to do is copy and paste all the commands below by pressing enter with every line.
    sc delete DiagTrack sc delete dmwappushservice echo “” >
    C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Diagnosis\\ETLLogs\\AutoLogger\\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl reg add
    “HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows\\DataCollection” /v AllowTelemetry /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

Disable by deleting COMPATTELLRUNNER.EXE

Another method to disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry is by deleting the compattelrunner.exe Microsoft compatibility telemetry.

  1. Log in to your computer as an administrator.
  2. Now press ‘Windows Key + R’ to open Run dialogue box.
  3. Type C:Windows\System32 and hit Enter.
  4. A directory window will appear. Here all your system files for Windows OS are located. Find the file named ‘CompatTelRunner.exe’.
  5. Now right click on ‘CompatTelRunner’ file and select ‘properties’.
  6. Once the Properties dialogue box opens, simply click the Security tab from the top.
  7. Inside the Security tab, find ‘Advanced settings’ at the bottom and open it.
  8. Locate Edit at the bottom after clicking the Owner tab and Click Edit.
  9. Select Administrators and click Apply. Now save your changes by clicking OK.
  10. You might see a prompt asking you to close all the Properties windows and now Click OK.
  11. Change permission for the file by simply clicking on Capattelrunner.exe from System32 folder.
  12. Click on Properties and go to Advanced tab just as you did earlier.
  13. Select Permissions tab from here and choose your administrator account in the next window.
  14. Now click the Allow column next to Full Control.
  15. Now go back to the System32 folder and simply delete the CompatTelRunner.exe file to turn off compatibility telemetry.


Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a program to keep track of the usability of the computer and Windows. It collects the data from Windows and shares with Microsoft. This data is used to analyze new and required updates. There is no way that any of the data is leaked or private information of users to be stolen. When Microsoft Telemetry Compatibility is disabled, the user can save the free up space to computers and its memory.


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