FIX “RatS!! WebGL Hit A Snag” Chrome Error Permanently – Complete Guide On Error

Error RATS WebGL Hit a Snag can appear any time while accessing chrome browser for internet. The reason for the appearance of the error can be the websites that run with WebGL support and the browser that is not compatible to run the respected version of WebGL on browsers. This leads to failure in content loading among many websites with browsers.

Once the WebGL hit a snag error appears, for any website, then usually all the websites with WebGL support can cause hit a snag error, especially in google chrome. However most of the content can be accessed, still, there are parts which can cause an error in content delivery.

Rats! webGL Hit A Snag Chrome error

Follow the simple guide to fix the WebGL error permanently from your browser. We have listed the complete steps and fixes, so that this error may not bother the user again.

What is WebGL And What Causes Hit A Snag Error in Browser?

Primitively talking, then WebGL or  Web Graphics Library is responsible for two and three-dimensional graphical output in any browser using CPU resources. Since it is not supported by any plug-in or add-ons, it is a unique tool that helps in making the best possible graphical output in the browser.

WebGL consists of codes that are supported by java. It has a variety of different javascript embedded which helps in rendering 2D and 3D graphics among websites without the need of any additions plugin support. When we use WebGL as an enhancement on a site that we are developing, the site switches to a canvas rendering if web graphics library is not supported or throws an error as a matter of fact.

google chrome showing webgl hit a snag error in browser.

Rats! WebGL hit a snag error usually occurs when the browser fails to load pre-written javascript in WebGL and becomes unable to display graphical outputs. This error usually occurs in google chrome browser in Windows, Mac OS, or Android devices. This needs to be fixed permanently because once a misconfiguration happens, the error keeps coming up again and again.

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What is the use of WebGL in Google Chrome?

WebGL acts as a thin sheet of cloth around OpenGL which is used for drawing 2D graphics (Low-Level Library). It helps in pushing data to the GPU, and execution of the specialized code on the GPU itself. It is the simplest way available for the computer to render all the 3D and 2D graphics within the website.

WebGL is also used in web designing and gaming. So while playing online or using a website with heavy graphics uses WebGL to deliver promising and best quality of content. WebGL also supports Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry for delivering quality graphics.

How to Fix Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag Error Permanently?

The graphic rendering error that usually occurs in chrome browser can be fixed simply. This error is important to fix as once this occurs, its keep repeating. It is odd to receive the same error message whenever you try to access any website with WebGL support.

We have listed all the possible solutions for the WebGL hit a snag error in chrome. Follow the steps below to fix the error permanently from your PC.

1. Update Browser

The outdated browser can be the sole reason for many occurring errors in google chrome. Similarly, the reason for WebGL Hit a Snag Error can be caused due to the outdated browser as it cannot load the required javascript on time. Therefore, updating the browser to the latest version can solve the error.

Follow the steps below to update google chrome browser:

  1. Open Chrome on a Windows computer,
  2. Click on the options and select the customization tab from options.
  3. Now if you see the green color, this means that the browser has been updated from past 2-3 days.
  4. If the light is orange this shows outdated from past week and red denotes you need to update the browser immediately.
  5. Click on Update Google Chrome and then wait for the process to finish

Now turn off and restart the pc again for changes to take effect. Open the browser once again and click on google chrome. Now simply open the last website you were about to open and expecting rats WebGL error.

2. Reset The Enabled Flags Of Browser

This is another solution if in case the previous one is not working for you well. User can simply reset the enabled google chrome flags. Follow the steps below to reset the flags to solve “Hit a Snag Webgl” error.

google flags disabled

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and go to the URL section.
  2. In the URL section, type “chrome://flags” and hit enter,
  3. A page will open with Available chrome flags,
  4. Now look for the option Reset all to default beside the search bar and click on it
  5. Now you have to disable the flags and re-enable them. To disable the flags in chrome, find the option named WebGL draft extensions and disable the option.
  6. Now close the browser and restart the computer again.

Now restart the browser and try to load the website again. This can solve the problem for rats wegl hit a snag chrome error. Now, most probably any website will launch that supports WebGL on their homepage. Proceed to the next solution if the problem still exists.

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3. Reset Google Chrome Browser

Sometimes some unintentional settings take place in google chrome. Sometimes when adding any plugin or addon to the browser can cause malfunction or modification in any of the chrome settings. This can by mistake cause rats hit a snag error. Resetting the crome browser to its default settings can simply solve many errors caused due to a misconfiguration in settings.

Follow the steps to reset the chrome browser to its default settings.

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the customization option in the left corner of the browser.
  2. Then from the drop-down menu, click on Settings,
  3. Scroll down and find the option Reset and then click on it

Follow the instructions to reset the google chrome browser to its default settings. Now re-launch the browser and try to load the website again. The browser with fresh settings will easily eliminate any error from the browser.

4. Enable Hardware Acceleration In Google Chrome

It is the most basic way to solve any error related to WebGL. Enabling the hardware access with chrome gives permission to utilize GPU for better graphical output. So now whenever the browser needs to use GPU for graphics rendering, it can use the full capacity of GPU. Follow the instructions below to enable graphics acceleration to fix WebGL related errors from chrome.

 list of hardware acceleration with webgl option. It is found in google chrome gpu settings

  1. Open Google Chrome browser,
  2. Click on the options tab located in the right top corner of the browser,
  3. Now click on Settings from the drop-down menu,
  4. Open advanced google chrome settings and find the settings tab. Open the advanced settings,
  5. Find and enable, ‘Enable ChromeAcceleration’,
  6. Now close and re-launch the browser for the changes to take place

Try to run the website again and you will no longer experience WebGL hit a snag error anymore. If the problem still persists, please move to the next solution.

5. Reconfigure GPU to solve rats WebGL Hit a Snag Error

This method helps to figure out the exact reason that must be causing Rats! WebGL hit a snag error. By this, you can check for the main reason behind the error to appear. All the previous steps are able to solve the error, but you can still try this step to make sure that hit a snag error does not rise again in future. follow the steps below to open the complete checklist;

Webgl Extensions. These can be the reason for hit a snag error in chrome browser for certain websites

  1. Chrome GPU WebGL Fix, Navigate to chrome://gpu/
  2. A list of all settings based in GPU will be shown as a list.
  3. Just check for the warnings mentioned in the RED TEXT.
  4. Try to fix those problems and you will not get rats WebGL hit a snag error anymore.

Summing Up:

Rats! WebGL hit a snag rises very rarely. But it can be disturbing as whenever it appears once, it keeps coming on again and again. The major cause of the error is the browser that is not configured properly or have any settings issues. Since outdated browser is also the cause behind many chrome errors, rats hit a snag is one of them.

It is not at all difficult to solve the error in any case. The steps that we have listed here in the article would be sufficient to solve the error and problem related to WebGL error. Resetting the enabled chrome flags are said to be the main reason for Webgl Hit a snag error in chrome.

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Feel free to interact with us if you are still unable to solve the error. Write to us in the comment section and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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